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Cyriopagopus minax: Thailand Black Tarantula

Cyriopagopus minax
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The Appearance and Life Span of Cyriopagopus minax

Cyriopagopus minax, or the Haplopelma minax, comes from Myanmar and Thailand. It’s got a shiny black body and can have leg spans as big as 6 inches across—pretty large for a spider! These spiders grow fast if they’re kept warm and fed well; they can hit 4 inches in just two years.

They live long too, with some sticking around for up to 15-20 years. That’s right, you could have one of these hairy buddies as your pet for nearly two decades!

Their looks are striking – imagine seeing an all-black spider like this in the wild! But don’t worry; even though their venom is strong enough to take down their prey, it’s not deadly to humans.

Habitat and Origin of the Thailand Black Tarantula

The Thailand Black Tarantula, or Cyriopagopus minax, calls the lush forests of Myanmar and Thailand home. Here they thrive in the warm and humid environment, often hiding in burrows or among fallen leaves.

They prefer these spots because it’s easier to catch their food and stay safe from danger.

Back in 1897, Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell was the first person to write about this spider. He gave it a scientific name and helped us understand where it comes from. Since then, lots of people have studied these creatures to learn more about them.

Nature lovers are especially keen on knowing how these spiders live in the wild far away from cities and towns.

Behavioral Characteristics and Venom Potency

Cyriopagopus minax tarantulas have a bit of a temper. They move quickly and don’t like to be bothered. If you try to handle them or get too close, they might bite. Oh, and their bites hurt—a lot! Their venom can make you feel really bad pain where you got bitten.

It’s not just the bite that shows how tough these spiders are. They also throw up their legs to scare away enemies or anything that bugs them. And they’re good at hiding in their homes when danger is near.

But if something makes them really angry or scared, out comes the venom—ouch! So it’s best to respect these creatures from afar unless you know what you’re doing.

Breeding of the Thailand Black Tarantula

After learning about the behavior and venom of Cyriopagopus minax, let’s look at how they breed.

  • Breeding begins with a dance. Male tarantulas tap and vibrate their bodies to get the female’s attention.
  • Females can be choosy. They might ignore or even attack males if they’re not interested.
  • Once accepted, the male quickly mates with the female. He must escape before she tries to eat him!
  • Mating ends with the female making a cocoon. This is where she keeps her eggs safe.
  • The cocoon holds a small number of eggs at first, usually around 50.
  • Older females can lay more eggs. Some make big cocoons carrying up to 100 fertilized eggs.
  • The babies, called nymphs, hatch after 6 to 8 weeks. They need a warm place around 26°C.
  • When born, these tiny nymphs are about 1 cm long. They grow fast in the right conditions.
  • Female tarantulas grow for longer than males do. They take about three years to fully mature.
  • Males get ready sooner; they usually mature faster than females.
  • An attempt to breed this species by a beginner often ends in disaster because the male is frequently consumed in the tunnels of the female. Excessive humidity in the terrarium with poor air circulation, along with the development of fungi, can lead to the female eating the egg sac, or it may be done by mites.


The Thailand Black Tarantula, or Cyriopagopus minax, stands out for its stunning size and strong venom. Not a spider to mess with, it’s best left to those who know their way around tarantulas.

They hail from Myanmar and Thailand and live quite the life – reaching up to 16 cm across! But hey, handle with care—if at all—because this beauty is also a bit of a beast. Keepers with experience get the thrill of seeing these remarkable spiders grow while respecting their need for space.


1. What is a Cyriopagopus minax?

A Cyriopagopus minax is a Old World fossorial tarantula. It’s known for its dark color and lives in Asia.

2. Does a Cyriopagopus minax bite hurt?

Yes, if a Cyriopagopus minax bites you, it can be painful. Remember, their venom is strong, but it usually doesn’t harm people too much.

3. How to create a terrarium for Cyriopagopus minax?

It is very simple because an adult female needs a enclosure size of 30cm x 30cm and a deep substrate layer in which the spider will dig its burrow. The humidity should be at around 70%.

4. How does the Thailand Black Tarantula act?

When close to their burrow, they generally prefer to escape, but with this species, manifestations of aggression and assuming a threat posture are not uncommon.

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